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SILA 700A3

SILA 700A3 - The little Air Cleaner with big capacity.

Sila 700A3 replaces our successful machine Sila 600A3. Sila 700A3 has a higher flow, a stepless speed controller and is 1 kg lighter than its predecessor. It is probably the smartest designed Air Cleaner on the market, designed to take as little space as possible in a doorway but still offer a large filter surface. 

Big Capacity... a small format. The 700 m3/h makes the SILA 700A3 ideal for smaller rooms, e.g. bathrooms. It can handle rooms up to a 27 m2 area*. 

Two exhausts

Sila 700A3 have two exhausts that gives you the ability to both lead clean air into your working area and at the same time lead air outside to provide a negative air pressure. 


The sides of Sila 700A3 are smooth and easy to clean. Sila 700A3 is stackable both during use and storage. The light weight and the clever design makes it easy and ergonomic to carry and transport.

Useful applications 

Complement your air cleaner with our patented Decontamination Frame, Front Hood, Decontamination Hood, Hose Connection Kit, and Disposable Hose.

Easy filter changes 

The coarse filter hatch with a built-in magnet simplifies the coarse filter exchange. The cover also protects the HEPA-filter from impacts.


"Click on" accessories

"Click on" - Smart accessories Sila 700A3 can be equipped with many accessories. Our accessory system has a "Click on" function with magnets that facilitate assembly. The accessories that have the Click on function are: Sila Cleaning frame, Sila Frontstos & Sila Transport protection. Please watch the video for more information.



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Decontamination Frame

As an option you can attach the Decontamination Frame, a simple but ingenious accessory. It is a magnetic frame which eliminates the use of tape against the air cleaner when you’ve built temporary walls. 

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