Exhaust fans and

Americ Confined Space Ventilators

Americ Confined Space Ventilators

 are used to create efficient airflow in tight spaces and industrial work zones.
In areas where the air can be filled with hazardous contaminates e.g. radon, gases and dust, Americ Confined Space Ventilators work to keep a breathable atmosphere no matter the working environment and to keep personnel safe on the job. Some examples of such areas are construction sites, mines, and tunnels.


Americ VAF1500 is a Confined Space Ventilator designed for the smaller jobs where size and weight are the priorities. VAF1500 only weighs 8 kg (17,6 lbs.) and is perfect for small areas.

Air Flow: 1 310 m3 / h

Weight: 8 kg

Dimensions: 390 x 320 x 470

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The CSV Americ VAF3000 is a real workhorse. With a flow of 4,200 m3/h, you can quickly evacuate tainted air by creating positive or negative air pressure. You can connect 20 - 30 meters of duct hose without any problems.

Air Flow: 4 200 m3 / h

Weight: 15 kg

Dimensions: 440 x 360 x

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Americ VAF8000 clears high volumes of air in a short time.  The VAF-8000 has a flow of 12,460 m3/h and is a three-phase electric power machine. To evacuate air even more efficiently, connect a duct hose to your ventilator.

Air Flow: 12 460 m3 / h

Weight: 54 kg

Dimensions: 700 x 650 x 700

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The ebm-papst EC Aura, VAF7000 is a mobile, easy to move and simultaneously powerful exhaust fan. With VAF7000 you can cool down, heat up, or dry out a room. Despite its high circulation capacity of 7,250 m3/h, the VAF7000 is quite silent. To optimize air circulation, the fan is controlled by an infinitely variable speed controller and it can be tilted 180°.

Air Flow: 7 250 m3/h

Weight: 27 kg

Dimensions: 806 x 472 x 943 mm

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Ducting Hose

Our flexible duct hoses are available as accessories. They help you to quickly and safely guide the air appropriately. You can connect the hoses on both the exhaust and suction sides of the fan. 

MAXI Filter Bag for VAF-3000

Limit the spread of dust by connecting a Filter Bag to your evacuation fan. Through a multi-layer principle, the air flow through the filter bag is optimized so that it can handle large amounts of dust

Ducting Hose

An Americ CSV can be equipped with very long hose lengths on both sides.

The duct hose is very easy to mount and is connected without tools. 

Americ Confined Space Ventilators

Dust, gases and unpleasant odors are a work environment problem and should be taken seriously even if it is not always visible. The solution to atmospheric contaminates is spelled efficient space ventilators and air purifiers. Americ's confined space ventilators help create positive or negative air pressure and thus an optimal circulation of air. SILA’s Air purifiers removes hazardous dust.

 Americ confined space ventilators service to work around the problems – literally. They aid you to effortlessly reach openings where tainted air can be exchanged for clean, and they of course work just as well when it comes to relatively empty premises with large air volumes.  

Given the demanding environments in which space ventilators operate, Americ has invested in robust and lightweight products. The Dual wall polyethylene housing makes the fans impact resistant and ideal in harsh environments. The high performance engines are tested to withstand heavy stress. Confined space ventilators may need to run continuously for very long periods of time and Americ's products have proven themselves to satisfaction time and time again.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Placing an evacuation fan outside of a room and blowing air into the room, creates positive air pressure. The abundance of air pushed into the room finds its way out through doorways and ventilation. This creates an air exchange and evacuates gases and pushes in oxygen.

The opposite is negative air pressure, i.e. air is led out of the room with the help of an evacuation fan. Air from outside the room rushes in to replace the air being led out of the room. This is a common technique to prevent the spreading of dust.

For VAF1500 we recommend a maximum of 1 - 2 hoses. (each hose is 7.5 meters). 

For VAF3000 we recommend a maximum of 3 hoses

For VAF8000 we recommend a maximum of 3 - 4 hoses.

Each hose is 7.5 meters long. Keep in mind that the hose should be as straight as possible. Each bend affects the air pressure. If you want to know what air flow you get with a couple of bends at certain hose lengths, we can help you with an air flow calculation.

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