Easy to connect without tools.

Ducting Hose

Ducting Hose / Exhaust Hose

Our flexible duct hoses are available as accessories. They help you to quickly and safely guide the air appropriately. You can connect the hoses on both the exhaust and suction sides of the fan. 


The hose is equipped with a sewn-in joint ring that allows you to connect several hoses together on the pressure side -  no tools needed! When mounted on the air intake, a front hood is needed to secure the hose from retracting.

Easy transport

The hose is 7.5 meter when extended and has an attached bag with handle which provides easy and space saving transport. 

Heat resistant

The duct hoses can withstand a continuous heat flow of up to 125 degrees Celsius and can also be used for mobile air heaters.


 Ducting Hose for Americ VAF

Art no:
Hose for VAF1500: 203 mm 
3,5 kg
Hose for VAF3000: 300 mm 
4,5 kg
Hose for VAF8000: 545 mm 
11 kg

Exhaust Hose for SILA Air Cleaners

Art nr:



100363-203-LR Hose for SILA 600A3 & 700A3 3,5 kg
100363-407 Hose for SILA 2000A3 & SILA 5000A3  4,5 kg