The large capacity Air Cleaner

SILA 5000A3

The large capacity Air Cleaner

Sila 5000A3 is a high capacity instrument of 4000 m3/h, but despite the high air flow it is still a one-phase power tool. With 2 x 500 W, it covers very large areas: up to 160 m2 or more. The Sila 5000A3 is equipped with two coarse filter hatches that make the coarse filter change quick and easy while protecting the HEPA filter from impact.

Large capacity & small operational costs

The SILA 5000A3 has a capacity of 4000 m3/h and is optimized to handle areas up to 160m2* but, the power consumption is only 2 x 500 watts. SILA 500A3 is equipped with two HEPA H13 filters with a total area of 26.86 m2, which makes this machine cost effective and very efficient. 

Negative air pressure

The machine has two outlets where one outlet can create a negative air pressure while the other outlet circulates the air in the room. The 5000A3 has an infinitely variable speed controller to regulate the air flow. This allows you to regulate the air flow to create the perfect negative air pressure.

Unique design

The two H13-filters are placed vertically, allowing the upper filter to be less burdened with heavy dust which prolongs the capacity of the air cleaner.

Easy filter changes and transport

SILA 5000A3 is equipped with two coarse filter hatches which makes filter change easy and protects the HEPA-filter from shocks and blows. For fast and easy transport, the SILA 5000A2 is equipped with two large flat-free wheels. The machine can be transported horizontally.

The SILA 5000A3 uses the same coarse filters, HEPA filters, and evacuation hose as the SILA 2000A3, which facilitates inventory management and ordering procedures.

Developed to clean the air in large rooms and manage large amounts of air born dust.

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Decontamination Frame

As an option you can attach the Decontamination Frame, a simple but ingenious accessory. It is a magnetic frame which eliminates the use of tape against the air cleaner when you’ve built temporary walls. 

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