H-13 & H-14

HEPA - Filter

HEPA- Filter

All SILA Air Cleaners are by default equipped with a H-13 filter. (SILA60P H-14) Our filters are classified by EN1822:2009. 
Some customers like to know they get the best particle separation as possible and choose to use a H-14 filter, which we can also provide to all our Air Cleaners.



SILA 600A3

Art. no: 100584-600

SILA 1000A3

Art. no: 100584-1000

SILA 2000A3 / SILA 5000A3

Art. no: 100584-2000

SILA 600A  **

Art. no:100353,

** Model without green corners.



SILA 600A3

Art. no: 100588-600

SILA 1000A3

Art. no: 100588-1000

SILA 2000A3 / SILA 5000A3

Art. no: 100588-2000


Art. no:100588-600