Privacy Policy

Privacy policy for customers.

Sila AB protects your personal information. This privacy policy explains how Sila collects and processes customers' personal data. If you have any questions about IT protection, please contact us at

Sila AB (a Swedish legal entity with corporate identity number 556188-5269) is the Data Controller for the Personal Data we collect both online and offline.

The purpose of this policy is to provide our current, past and future customers with information about how and why we process your Personal Data, what Personal Data we process, how long it is stored and how you can request that your Personal Data be corrected or deleted. This policy may be updated and the latest version is always available on our website.

How and on what grounds do we process your Personal Data?

We are aware of and appreciate the trust you give us when you provide us with your Personal Data and we protect your privacy. 

When you contact us, e.g. to purchase a product or service from us, you accept our Personal Data Policy and our processing of your personal data. You also agree that Sila AB uses electronic communication channels to send you information.

In order to offer you our services and products, we need to process your personal data as below. We do this with the utmost regard for your privacy


We collect Personal Data to;

Provide you with products and services, including verifying that you are eligible for certain purchases and services, and to provide you with extended offers and experience.

Provide information about updates or changes regarding our products and services.

Offer service and services for your SILA appliance.

Provide information about product development, for example to improve machine performance, quality, and safety.

Comply with legal requirements or requests from authorities.

Inform you about new products, services and events.

Evaluate and improve our offer and our communication with customers and stakeholders.

Conduct market research.

The information you provide to us, including financial information and information we collect ourselves, in order to fulfil our business agreement, provides a contractual basis for the processing of this personal data. Other grounds on which we may collect and process personal data may, for example, in addition to explicit consent, be legal obligations and legitimate interest after a balance of interests.

Sila AB will only process personal data that is accurate, relevant and necessary in relation to the purpose for which it has been collected.


What information do we collect?

This privacy policy covers data collected online and offline, including personal data that we may collect through several different channels, such as websites, social media, contact by phone or email and at events/trade shows. We may combine personal data collected in one way (e.g. a website) with personal data collected in a different way (e.g. trade fairs, customer meetings). You may directly or indirectly provide us with information about yourself and your company in a number of different ways, such as when you make a request for a product or service that we sell, when you order something from our website, report that you want to receive newsletters, interact on our social media, buy our products or when you contact us by email, letter or phone.

Such information may include: Your contact information (name, company, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.)

Demographic information (age, gender, professional role, etc.)

Personal information (date of birth, how you prefer to be contacted, etc.)

Machine information (model, serial number, date of purchase, service history, etc.)

Information in connection with the purchase and use of our products and services (customer preferences and settings, purchase history, etc.).

We are particularly careful if and when collecting and processing sensitive personal data, as required by applicable law.

The information you provide to us, the information we collect about you, as well as information about the products/services and financial information, is generally necessary to enter into a contractual relationship with us, while the other information we collect is generally necessary for other purposes, as described below.


Who may we share the information with?

In order to fulfil our obligations to our customers and other stakeholders, we may transfer to, or share the information with third parties such as suppliers or subcontractors, authorized resellers and distributors or service providers. We take all sensible legal, technical, and organizational measures to ensure that the data is handled securely and with an adequate level of protection when transferring to or sharing with such third parties. We may provide the necessary information to the relevant authorities if we are required to do so by law or if you have given your consented for us to do so.  Sila AB will not sell the collected information to third parties.


Where do we process your personal data?

Sila AB processes personal data within the EU/EEA and in the event that the transfer of personal data takes place to a country outside the relevant area, Sila AB will take all reasonable legal, technical and organizational measures to ensure that the data is handled safely and with an adequate level of protection.


How long do we save the personal data?

We save your personal data for as long as it is necessary to fulfil the purpose for which the data was collected and described in this policy, or to fulfill our obligations and as long as we are required to keep it by law.


How can we share the information?

Sila AB may, in order to fulfill our commitments to our customers and other stakeholders, share your personal data with a third party such as retailers, suppliers and contract workshops. 

 We may also share your Personal Data with an authority if we are required to do so by law, or you have consented to us doing so.  

To the extent that such sharing takes place, Sila AB takes all reasonable legal, technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data against accidental or unauthorized destruction, accidental loss or alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access and any other unauthorized forms of processing.


How is your data handled during marketing?

 We may provide you with information about new products, services, events or similar marketing activities. We will not sell your personal data to third parties and we do not share your personal data with third parties for their marketing purposes.


How do we handle Personal Data on the web?

In general, you can visit Sila AB's websites without telling who you are or revealing any information about yourself. However, in order to provide you with certain services or offers, we usually need to register certain personal data, which you provide us with, such as your name and email address.


Your rights to extracts, corrections and deletions.

As long as your personal data is stored, you can request to obtain extracts of the data or have the data corrected or deleted. You have the right to request information about what personal data related to you we process, where the personal data is collected, the purpose of the processing and with which recipients or categories of recipients the personal data is shared. You also have the right to request that we correct, block or delete any incorrect information related to you. Your request should be processed promptly and correctly. The request to delete Personal Data is processed taking into account any applicable legal requirements. Where there are legal obligations that prevent us from immediately deleting parts of the data, this data will not be used for purposes other than fulfilling such legal obligations.  

You also have the right to complain about the processing of your personal data to the supervisory authority, which for Sweden is the Swedish data protection authority; Datainspektionen. 

 If you wish to contact us in connection with our handling of your personal data, you are welcome to do so by email

The Data Protection Policy was last updated on 28 June 2021.