What are cookies?

A cookie is a text file that - when a unit connects to a website - is saved on a web-visitors computer or similar units i.e. smartphones etc. . The file is collected from the computer on the users next visit to the website. The cookie is saved together with the files that are used by the computers browser or similar programs.

It is very common for websites to use cookies since they are often used for basic functions.

Cookies on our website.

A purpos for cookies on this website is to be able to count the numbers of visitors and analyze the traffic. By understanding how the site is used, we have a better chance at developing and improve the site. 


Google analytics

_gat, _gid, _ga, r/collect

Collects statistics on the number of visits, the time of the visit, what pages are visited and the method of entering the website.


WM3 cookie


To see whether a visitor i logged in to the web tool wm3.


Cookie to accept cookies


Used to see if a visitor accepted cookies on the site.