Air Cleaner for the really demanding jobs

SILA 1000A3

A small Air Cleaner suited for the big jobs.

The SILA1000A3 is the ultimate Air Cleaner for the big demolition jobs. The large HEPA-filter surface combined with the high air flow allows it to work in large rooms with few filter changes. A powerful Air Cleaner that is easy to place and transport. Create air circulation in the workplace with multiple SILA1000A3 for a better working environment.

High capacity

Sila 1000A3 has a 1000 m3/h capacity, it works in rooms with a size up to 40m2*.

Extensive filter surface

The air inlet, as well as both filters are well sized. This ensures a long operation time between cleaning or replacing the filters. The HEPA-filter has a H13-classification and a filter surface of 7,7 m2. 


The Air Cleaner’s smooth sides and surface provides for easy cleaning, placement and transport. Sila 1000A3 is stackable both during use and storage. The relatively light weight and the clever design makes it easy and ergonomic to carry and transport

Useful applications 

Complement your air purifier with our patented Decontamination Frame, Front Hood, Decontamination Hood, Disposable Hose, and Connection Kit. Read more about them below.


Easy filter changes 

The coarse filter cover with a built-in magnet simplifies the coarse filter exchange. The cover also protects the HEPA-filter from impacts.

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Decontamination Frame

As an option you can attach the Decontamination Frame, a simple but ingenious accessory. It is a magnetic frame which eliminates the use of tape against the air cleaner when you’ve built temporary walls.

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