A patented SILA-accessory

Decontamination Frame

Sila Decontamination Frame- a magnetic history

This is a design that separates SILA's products from anything else on the market. It is a simple but clever - and patented - accessory that has impressed all our clients. If you work with demolition, sanitation or renovation you know how much effort it takes to put up temporary plastic walls to stop the spreading of dust. This work will be so much faster, safer and cheaper with SILA's Decontamination Frame.

This is how it works:

You place a SILA Air Cleaner as usual on the clean side om your temporary wall. With SILA’s products, you place the Decontamination Frame on top of the plastic against the suction. It will stick due to the attached magnets. Then just take a knife and cut out the plastic covering the filter.

14 kg magnetic force

The decontamination frame applicable to SILA 600A3 has six attached magnets. Each of them has a magnet field strength of 14 kg.

Transport protection

At the end of the assignment, use a piece of plastic to cover the filter and secure it using the Decontamination Frame. Perfect cover when in transit.


No tape, no time wasted. And above all - no hazardous particles in the atmosphere!

The decontamination frame is available to all SILA's air cleaners.

Available to all SILA's air cleaners
Art no: Suitable Model:
120107 Sila 600A3
121107 Sila 1000A3
122107 Sila 2000A3 & Sila 5000A3
A perfect accessory.

The Decontamination Frame allows you to easily and quickly establish a dust-free working zone - without using tape.