Heavy duty Air Cleaner for the really big jobs

Sila 2000A3

A powerful Air Cleaner for big tasks

Sila 2000A3 has a 2000 m3/h capacity, which is enough to handle very large areas up to 80 m2*. Sila 2000A3 is equipped with a course filter hatch which both makes filter change easy and protects the HEPA-filter from shocks and blows.

Easy transport

Sila 2000A3 have two large wheels and an extendable handle for easy transportation. During transport you can lay it down, the roll cage protects the engine and electronics. The Air Cleaner’s smooth sides and surface makes it easy to clean. 

Negative air Pressure Unit

SILA 2000A3 has an infinitely variable speed controller to regulate the air flow. This allow you to regulate the air flow to create the perfect negative air pressure.

2001 reasons..

The Sila 2000A3 has a capacity of 2000m3/h which means that it can handle very large rooms, up to 80 m2*. The HEPA filter has an exposed area of 13.43 m2, which makes the Sila 2000A3 very economical.

Easy filter changes 

The coarse filter cover with a built-in magnet simplifies the coarse filter exchange. The cover also protects the HEPA-filter from impacts.

Decontamination Frame

As an option you can attach the Decontamination Frame, a simple but ingenious accessory. It is a magnetic frame which eliminates the use of tape against the air cleaner when you’ve built temporary walls. Instead of using a traditional evacuation hose we provide a disposable hose delivered in a 200m long roll.

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"Click on" accessories

Sila 2000A3 can be equipped with many accessories. Our accessory system has a "Click on" function with magnets that facilitate assembly. The accessories that have the Click on function are: Sila Decontamination frame & Sila Transport protection. Watch the video for more information.


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