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Protect yourself and your coworkers.

When you use a SILA Air Cleaner to create Negative Air Pressure you are protecting yourself and your coworkers from airborne dust, which can contain quartz, asbestos fibres, mold and other hazardous particles. Our Air Cleaners are equiped with H13 HEPA filters and designed with your safety as our main concern. The coarse filter hatch makes filter change easy and efficient as well as protects the HEPA-filter from shocks and blows. Our patented Decontamination Frame, a simple but ingenious accessory, will save time and money when you’ve built temporary walls.

SILA 700A3

Sila 700A3, is probably the smartest designed air cleaner on the market. It’s designed to take as little space as possible in a doorway but still offers a large filter surface.  

Air Flow: 700m3/h

Power: 170 W

Weight: 12,5

Dimensions: 316 x 296 x 526

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SILA 1000A3

The SILA1000A3 is the ultimate Air Cleaner for the big demolition jobs. The large HEPA-filter surface combined with the high air flow allows it to work in large rooms with few filter changes. A powerful air cleaner that is easy to place and transport. Create air circulation in the workplace with multiple SILA1000A3 for a better working environment.

Air Flow: 1000 m3/h

Power: 250 W

Weight: 19,9 kg

Dimensions: 306 x 484 x 503 mm

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SILA 2000A3

Sila 2000A3 has a 2000 m3/h capacity, which is enough to handle very large areas up to 80 m2. Sila 2000A3 is equipped with a course filter hatch which both makes filter change easy and protects the HEPA-filter from shocks and blows.

Air Flow: 2000 m3/h

Power: 500 W

Weight: 34 kg

Dimensions: 415x739x699 mm

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SILA 5000A3

Sila 5000A3 is a high capacity instrument of 4000 m3/h, but despite the high air flow it is still a one-phase power tool. With 2x500 W, it covers very large areas: up to 160 m2 or more. The Sila 5000A3 is equipped with two coarse filter hatches that make the coarse filter change quick and easy while protecting the HEPA filter from impact.

Air Flow: 4000 m3/h

Power: 2 x 500 W

Weight: 64 kg

Dimensions: 640 x 575 x 1 350 mm

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Create a safer work environment.

All Silas Air Cleaners are designed with your safety as our main concern. Bolted H13 filters and a dual layer design ensures your safety, every day. The coarse filter hatch makes filter change easy and efficient as well as protects the HEPA-filter from shocks and blows. Our patented Decontamination Frame, a simple but ingenious accessory will save money and time when you’ve built temporary walls. 

  • Bolted H-13 filter.
  • Ergonomic: Easy to carry and transport.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Quick and easy pre filter changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

A construction site Air Cleaner has to be equipped with a HEPA-filter with a H13 classification. An H13-filter separates 99,95% of the hardest particle to separate: 0,3 microns, according to the European standard EN1822:2009. Air born dust containing asbestos or quarts, bacteria and mould spores are captured.

The disposable and washable coarse filters should be changed daily. Change coarse filter frequently, less dust will end up in the HEPA-filter that way. 

The HEPA-filter should be replaced at least 2 times a year. The life of the HEPA-filter is determined by how much dust is present per cubic meter of air. This means that you should always have a vacuum cleaner connected to the tool that generates the dust and thus keep the dust concentration down. The more accurate you are with coarse filter replacements and the use of vacuum cleaners (in combination with the correct vacuum nozzle), the longer the HEPA-filter will last.   

Yes, you can. You can direct the air with the help of the accessories; Hose connection kit and disposable hose.

It is also possible to connect a hose on the air intake side of the air purifier. The Front Hood accessory in combination with the Decontamination Hood and Ducting Hose, allow you to have the Air Cleaner outside the zone you are working in.

Just remember to use as short a hose as possible. Each meter of hose slightly abates the airflow.  

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