Dust hood for Sila 600A3 / 700A3


We are now launching a new accessory with several clever features!

The dust hood makes it easy to set up a mixing station for concrete. 
When you place a bucket by the Dust hood, the dust is directed into the Air Cleaner and thus prevents the dust from spreading.


Air Cleaners

SILA Air Cleaners

SILA - Professional Dust Management 

When you use a SILA Air Cleaner to create Negative air pressure you are protecting yourself and your coworkers from airborne dust, which can contain quartz, asbestos fibres, mold, and other hazardous particles. Our Air Cleaners are equiped with H13 HEPA filters and designed with your safety as our main concern.

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Distributor of

Americ Confined Space Ventilators

Americ Confined Space Ventilators are used to create efficient airflow in tight spaces and industrial work zones, such as construction sites, mines, and tunnels. The air at these sites can be filled with hazardous contaminates e.g. radon, gases, dust - and effective ventilation is necessary.

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Air Cleaners- Public access

The air you breathe

Remove viruses, bacteria, mould spores, pollen, bad odors and much more. SILA 60p is a new air purifier specially designed for quiet, public environments such as offices, stores, waiting rooms, hairdressers, dental clinics, restaurants, receptions, warehouses, production premises etc.

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The Decontamination Frame

 A simple but clever accessory that saves time and money.

  • Easy installation with magnets
  • No tape, no time wasted.
  • Done. Full production ahead.

Air purifiers & Exhaust fans

Filled with clean air

Filter out dust, viruses, pollen and other particles

Clean indoor air makes for a healthy environment, prevents spreading of viruses and facilitates people with asthma or allergies. Clean air is also beneficiary to equipment, such as the machines in a production facility or computers in an office.

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Easy to transport

The employees choice

Create a safe working environment