Confined Space Ventilator:

Americ VAF8000

Americ VAF8000

Americ VAF8000 clears high volumes of air in a short time.  The VAF-8000 has a flow of 12,460 m3/h and is a three-phase electric power machine. To evacuate air even more efficiently, connect a duct hose to your ventilator.


The Dual Wall Polyethylene housing makes the VAF8000 impact resistant and ideal in harsh environments.


The high performance Axial Fan is tested to withstand hard stress. CSV’s may need to run continuously for very long periods of time and the Americ VAF8000 has proven itself to satisfaction time and time again.

Ducting Hose 

You can connect 30-40 meters of duct hose to the VAF8000 to guide the air appropriately. Our ducting hoses are resilient and very easy to install, no tools needed.

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