Coarse Filter- Washable

Washable pre-filter

Washable Coarse Filters are available for all SILA air cleaners. One pack includes 5 filters and are available to all SILA Air Cleaners, models A2 and A3.
A3 models are a bit smaller due to the coarse filter hatch. 

Filter, A3 Model


SILA 600A3

Art. no: 120116-600

SILA 1000A3

Art. no: 120116-1000

SILA 2000A3 / SILA 5000A3

Art. no: 120116-2000

Filter, A2 Model


SILA 600A2

Art. no:100596-600T

SILA 1000A2

Art. no: 100511-1000

SILA 2000A

Art. no:100511-2000