MAXI Filter Bag VAF-3000

MAXI Filter Bag for VAF-3000

Limit the spread of dust by connecting a Filter Bag to your evacuation fan. Through a multi-layer principle, the air flow through the filter bag is optimized so that it can handle large amounts of dust

All in one package

When you buy a filter bag, you get everything you need to attach it to your fan.


The filter bag is 4 meters long and 300 mm in diameter.


Filter sock 1 pcs

Strap 1 pcs

Adhesive rubber strip 1 pcs

Multi-layer principle

Several layers with the best fabric and intended design optimize dust collection and air flow.

Thread the filter bag over the rubber strip on the fan.

Fasten the filter sock with the supplied strap.

Maxi Filter Bag

Art no: Name
100366-300 Filter Bag Package VAF-3000