Connect a hose to your Air Cleaner with a

Hose Connection Kit

Hose Connection Kit

You can connect an Exhaust Hose to your Sila 600A3 and Sila1000A3 with the help of this clever Connection Kit. The most common type of hose for our products is a disposable hose.

Sila 600A3

The Sila600A3 has two exhaust areas, hence the Connection Kit comes with two connection hoods, 8 screws, one lid and two straps.

Easy to replace

Protrusions are commonly known to be very exposed on a machine and can be easily deformed, which is why this connection hood is designed to be quick and simple to replace.

Hose connection kit Sila 600A3 & Sila 1000A3

Art no: Siuitable Model:
100607-600 SILA 600A3
100607-1000 SILA 1000A3