Carbon filter trolley


Strain 4CC - Carbon filter trolley for PCB decontamination

Sila 4cc is a carbon filter trolley that is used to clean the exhaust air from, for example, a PCB vacuum cleaner or an air purifier. The carbon filter trolley is equipped with 4 carbon filters and you can also put 2 or more carbon filter trolleys in series to achieve the desired filtration.

Carbon filter cartridge

The choice of carbon filter cartridge is determined by how much flow you have on the Vacuum Cleaner or Air Purifier. As standard, SILA 4cc is delivered with 4 active carbon filter cartridges with 3.2 kg of carbon.


The carbon filter trolley is equipped with 4 gray 75 mm wheels, two of which have brakes.


The trolley is delivered with two sockets with a 150 mm connection and a cover for one socket.

SILA 4cc  

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SILA 4cc
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