Take a deep breath!

That's the kind of advice you get when you are stressed out and hard under pressure.

But anyone working in the construction/sanitation business knows that there are other reasons to think about how - and what - you are breathing; clean air in a dirty environment is an absolute requisite if you want to be able to perform and do a good job. 

When it comes to your own health - as well as your employees' health – you can't afford to use anything less than the best equipment the market has to offer. At SILA we take great pride in offering just that. 

We are a relatively new company - on paper - but our staff have 30+ years experience building and selling products that will improve your working conditions. Innovative Air Cleaners is our primary focus and this is an area where we possess great expertise. We have been working with this for three generations and although we always have economy and cost-effectiveness in mind when we develop our Air Cleaners our greatest concern is your health; we go the extra mile when it comes to that particular matter. 

And we put a lot of time and effort into developing design and technical details, because details are paramount - you have to pay attention to them if you want the product to be solid and truly reliable. SILA's products are reliable. And they will help you attain healthy working conditions, satisfied customers and as a bonus: better economy.

In the comming years we will launch a series of products that will really help you on a daily basis at any construction/renovation site. Join us in our quest for better health, cleaner air and maximum efficiency. Call us, e-mail or log in to our new website to read more!

So come and join us!


Sales and marketing – Andreas Lundin

Andreas is responsible for sales of SILA products both nationally and internationally. Talk to Andreas about prices, functions and demonstrations. If you would prefer to chat to Andreas about other things besides work, he loves music, design and photography. He takes his camera everywhere!

CEO - Mats Lundin

Mats is the CEO of SILA, and the man who makes sure Ralf and Andreas keep their feet firmly on the ground when their imaginations really run wild! Talk to Mats about anything and everything to do with SILA products and the future of the company. If you would prefer to chat to Mats about other things besides work, he loves music – ideally Blues.

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